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Power IC Compatible For MacBook Pro 13" (A1989 / A1990) (U6903/U6960) (55CNHC1) (ELC180)

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This is a power chip used for many things. It can create the SSD power rail from PPBUS_G3H - when it is used here, it typically gets corroded, then sends 12v to the SSD. If you are lucky, you can replace this when corroded and the SSD will not be dead. If your NAND chip has a hole in it, you kow you're not so lucky.

This is also used to create the PP3V3 power line, and on some, to create a 1.8v GPU power line. 

U9080 & U9580 & UA900 & U6960 on A2141 Macbook Pros with an 820-01700 board

U9080 on A2159 Macbook Pros with an 820-01598 board

U9580 or U6960 or U9080 on A1990 Macbook Pros with an 820-01041 board

U9080 & U6903 on A1989 Macbook Pros with an 820-00850 board

U9080 on A2251 Macbook Pros with an 820-01949 board

U9080 & U6903 on A2289 Macbook Pros with an 820-01987 board

UG800 on 820-02100 board for M1 Macbook Pro