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RMA Guide

Best Practice Guide on RMAs
As of May 12, 2019 the new company and new owner started Sourcely Plus.  Unfortunately any orders you have from the prior owner Sourcely Holding is not valid with Sourcely Plus LLC.
** For RMA's we DO NOT provide a prepaid return Label **
Submitting an RMA
  • Please explain the issue so we can assist you quickly - All RMA's but be sent in their original packaging to be valid.
  • Submit RMA request via email to
  • Order Number
  • SKU from package
  • QR code from small white sticker
  • Providing this data with any shipments to Sourcely Plus will enable us to maximize the pace at which we can process and serve you.
Approved RMAs

Sourcely accepts manufacturer defects/workmanship, as well as normal wear and tear such as scratches, paint damage, and cosmetic damage.

Declined RMAs
  • Products that were not purchased from Sourcely. 
  • Flex cable damage due to careless removal.
    • We find most of these damages on the 7 Series, since they were the first screens to open like a book
    • AVOID IT BY: Open the phone sideways as intended - do NOT open the phone upwards.
  • Ripped cables when frame snags the flex when closing the phone.
    • AVOID IT BY: Carefully installing the flex cable in the new screen and allowing it to bend naturally. Don’t force it down, and check to make sure it doesn’t get caught by the metal frame.
    Before Submitting RMAs Check For
    • Flex cable damage
    • Missing teeth on the connectors

    Returned LCDs with these issues will be declined as RMAs.

    Refunds and Replacements

     Sourcely will provide replacement parts and/or credit at our discretion for all RMA's submitted. We do not issue refunds and do not provide pre-paid RMA labels. This allows us to get you your parts more quickly, so you can get back to business right away.  RMA credit are issued at CURRENT REPLACEMENT COST NOT WHAT YOU PAID FOR ITEM.  With fluctuating prices, this could potentially benefit you.

    iPad Digitizer and LCD RMAs

    iPad' digitizers are not eligible for return if the part has been used or installed. We highly recommend testing your digitizers prior to installing.

    iPad LCD's are eligible for return and will follow our general RMA policy.

    Shipping Error

    Sourcely works to minimize any shipping errors, however, we are aware that they may still happen from time to time. In instances where a shipping error has occurred, we ask that you please report it immediately (3-5 business days) by calling (602)-975-0355 or submitting an email request to

    Cross Shipping

    Sourcely will not cross-ship any defective parts. A new part must be purchased, and the returned item will be processed immediately upon receipt.


    Sourcely offers a lifetime warranty on defective parts as long as you are a customer. If you are no longer purchasing from Sourcely (30 days or longer between orders) with the same or similar purchasing volume as previously, our warranty is only extended for 30 days.