FPC Connector for iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus (LCD / Digitizer) (J4502, 40 Pins)

$ 1.60
SKU 207082-001690
  • Best Quality FPC Connector for iPhone 7 Plus (LCD / Digitizer) (J4502 40 Pins).
  • LCD / Digitizer FPC replacement parts for iPhone 7 Plus to replace damaged or non-working touch panel flex connector.
  • This FPC connector For iPhone 7 Plus LCD plays an important role in transferring the information between the LCD Display and the logic board, if the LCD Screen of your iPhone 7 Plus blank screen, black screen or vertical line on the screen while the LCD Screen in good condition with the appearance, you may need to check if the metal pin on the connector cracked, or the flex cable connector loosen.
  • All Logic Components are tested before shipping.
  • iPhone 7 Plus Designation: J4502
  • Number of Pins: 40
  • It’s Also Known as: LCD / Digitizer FPC connector.
  • Compatible with A1661 / A1784 / A1785 / A1786