Backlight Driver Booster IC Compatible For iPhone SE (2016) / 6S / 6S Plus (U4020 U4050: 3539-A0: 16 Pins)

$ 1.00
SKU 207082-000519
  • Brand new Backlight IC For iPhone SE /6S / 6S Plus.
  • This Backlight IC you can fix the iPhone SE /6S / 6S Plus with Backlight or Dim Screen problems.
  • Excellent to replace your old damaged one, please note this requires soldering and professional skills to fit on motherboard.
  • Great quality made from durable material with low weight.
  • iPhone SE/6s designation: U4020
  • iPhone 6s+ designation: U4020 / U4050
  • Port Marking: LM3539A0YFFR
  • Number of Pins: 16
  • It’s Also Known as: Backlight Driver Booster IC.