Tristar U2 Charging IC Compatible For iPhone 5C / 5S / iPad Air / iPad Mini 2 / 3 (1610A1)

$ 6.50
SKU 207082-005327
  • Charging IC is found in the Power Section near R22.It takes current from the charger and charges the battery.
  • If Charging IC is faulty then the set will not get charged.If the Charging IC is short then the set will get dead..
  • New Charging Control IC Replacement Parts for iPhone 5C/5S, iPad Air/Mini 2.
  • Replace your broken or damaged charging control IC with this new one.
  • This Charging Control IC can help you to solve the problem of your iPhone 5C/5S, iPad Air/Mini 2 can't charge.
  • 100% perfect fits for your iPhone 5C/5S, iPad Air/Mini 2.
  • iPhone 5c/5s designation: U2
  • iPad Air designation: U6000
  • iPad Mini Retina 2/3 designation: U1300