Touch ID driver boost IC Compatible For iPhone 5S to iPhone 8 Plus (U10 U1503 U4040 U3702 U5610 TI 3638 9 Pin)

$ 2.10
SKU 207082-015199
  • Good Quality Touch ID Driver Boost IC for iPhone 5S to iPhone 8 Plus.
  • If the Touch Digitizer function is not working properly or if there are stripes on the screen then replace with our new one.
  • This part is the IC chip for the touch function of your device.
  • This Replacement part is made from durable material with low weight.
  • Highly recommend professional installation.
  • iPhone 5s Designation: U10
  • iPhone 6/6+ Designation: U1503
  • iPhone SE/ 6s/ 6s+ Designation: U4040
  • iPhone 7/7+ Designation: U3702
  • iPhone 8/8+ Designation: U5610
  • Port Marking: TI 3638
  • Number of Pins: 9