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  • iPlastix is the newest opening tool invented by Dottorpod. It works perfectly with the highly popular iFlex and iSesamo help you get into hard to access devices and LCD separation repairs.
  • iPlastix is made from super plastic, soft, durable material and same time very strong. It is designed to fix delicate devices; pop up plastic cover, separate touch panel, LCD from touchscreen, remove batteries without any risk to scratch frames and crack the screen.
  • The latest models of mobile phones have a watertight adhesive that holding the display in place (e.g. iPhone 7) or back cover (e.g. Samsung 7). Open a gap between glass/back cover and frame (iSclack and iFlex works fine) and fit iPlastix inside. Twist the iPlastix to widen the gap between the display and the frame or from the rear case and frame; move along the edge of the phone and cut the adhesive until the glass or back cover lift off.
  • It is easy to break the iPads touchscreen to replace the battery. iPlastix make this operation easy and fast to be done. Slide the iPlastix around the iPad to cut/separate the adhesive between glass and frame.
  • A lot of Samsung mobiles have adhesive between back cover and frame, between the assembled structure OLED/touchscreen, include the “Curved” touch panel models. The iPlastix easily slide between those parts.
Title: iPlastix