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QianLi iDFU GO For Instant DFU Recovery Mode

Original price $ 15.10 - Original price $ 15.10
Original price
$ 15.10
$ 15.10 - $ 15.10
Current price $ 15.10

✅ FAST - The IDFU GO by QianLi allows you to put an iPhone in Recovery mode in 2.8 seconds.

✅ EASY - No more complex button pressing to attempt to put your iPhone into Recovery mode, the iDFU GO does it all for you.

✅ CONTINUOUS CONNECTIVITY - Using the iDFU GO gets even easier because it has through port technology which allows you to simply connect iDFU GO between the iPhone and your Lightning cable to achieve Recovery mode, and then continue to flash / restore the iPhone without swapping it out.

✅ COMPATIBILITY - The iDFU GO is compatible with any iOS device that uses a Lightning Port

✅ FUTURE PROOF - Online updates are available for the iDFU GO giving you piece of mind for future models  / iOS versions.