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PMIC Voltage Linear Regulators Controller IC Compatible For MacBooks (TPS720105DRVR / TPS720105 / 720105 / ODC, SON-6 Pin)

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  • The TPS720 family of dual rail, low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) offers outstanding performance (PSRR, load, and line transient response) while consuming a very low quiescent current of 38 µA..
  • The TPS720 supports a novel feature in which the output of the LDO regulates under light loads when the IN pin is left floating
  • The light-load drive current is sourced from VBIAS under this condition. This feature is particularly useful in power-saving applications where the DC-DC converter connected to the IN pin is disabled but the LDO is still required to regulate the voltage to a light load..
  • The TPS720 is stable with ceramic capacitors and uses an advanced BICMOS fabrication process that yields a dropout of 110 mV at a 350-mA output load
  • The TPS720 has the unique feature of providing a monotonic VOUT rise (overshoot limited to 3%) with VIN inrush current limited to 100 mA + ILOAD with an output capacitor of 2.2 µF...
  • Parts Number: TPS720105DRVR, TPS720105