FPC Connector for iPad 6 2018 / iPad Air 3 LCD (Digitizer 36 Pin) (On The Board)

$ 2.30
SKU 107082-005371
  • New Digitizer flex FPC replacement parts for iPad 6 2018 (Digitizer 36 Pin) (On The Board) to replace the cracked, damaged or non working touch panel flex connector.
  • This connector plays an important role in transferring the information between the touch glass and the logic board, if the touch glass of your iPad 6 2018 no any response or response slowly, you may need to checked if the metal pin on the connector cracked, or the flex cable connector loosen.
  • Long time using will worn off the life of this connector, or frequent take it off and on from the logic board increasing the risk of damage.
  • An ideal iPad 6 2018 replacement part.