Audio IC Compatible For iPad 6 (2018) / iPad 7 (2019) / iPad Pro 9.7" / iPad Pro 10.5" (CS42L83A)

$ 4.80
SKU 207082-005351
  • High quality Audio IC For iPad 7 (2019) (CS42L83A).
  • Interfaces designed for portable applications. It provides a high dynamic range, stereo DAC for audio playback and a mono high dynamic range ADC for audio capture.
  • The CS42L83A features high performance up to 24-bit audio for ADC and DAC audio playback and capture functions and for the S/PDIF transmitter.
  • The CS42L83A architecture includes by passable SRCs and a by passable, three-band, 32-bit parametric equalizer that allows processing of digital audio data. A digital mixer is used to mix the ADC or serial ports to the DACs.
  • Ask for some technical skills and please be careful with your assembling process.