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Color TFT USB tester Bluetooth Type-C PD Digital voltmeter voltage current meter ammeter detector power bank charger indicator

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  • Specification:

    Voltage measuring range : 3.6V~32.0V Resolution Precision : 0.01V
    Current measuring range : 0.00~5.10A Resolution Precision : 0.01A Maximum test current 6.5A
    Capacity cumulative range: : 0~99999mAh Resolution Precision : 0.001Ah
    Power cumulative range : 0~999999mWh Resolution Precision : 0.001Wh
    Power metering range : 000.00~150.00 W Resolution Precision : 0.01W
    Impedance Measuring range : 1~999.9Ω Resolution Precision : 0.1Ω
    Temperature Measuring Range : 0~80℃ Resolution Precision : 1℃ Maximum
    Timing Measuring range : 999Hours 59Minutes 59 Seconds Resolution Precision : 1s
    USB D+ Voltage Range : 0V~2.999V Resolution Precision : 0.001V
    USB D- Voltage Range : 0V~2.999V Resolution Precision : 0.001V
    Time to refresh : 500mS/ times
    Measurement rate : 0.5 times/s
    Alarm Mode : Display Hints
    Product size : 61mm x 68mm x 10.8mm
    Self-consumable flow : <0.02A
    Working temperature : -10~+60℃
    Working humidity: : 10~80(no doubt)
    Pressure of work : 80~106kPa
    Certificate: RoHS, CE

    Key operation instructions

    1. Short press the button to switch the screen,
    2. Quickly double-click the capacity(mAH) to clear zero ,
    3. Quickly three-click the electric quantity( WH) to clear zero,
    4. Quickly four-click time to clear zero,
    5. Quickly five-click is to change the cumulative data storage group number (NO.X, 10 groups of data),
    6. Long press button the capacity and power time to clear all at once,
    7. In the (Screen rotation) interface, long press the button to rotate the screen;
    8. When the short key is pressed to the over voltage(>35.0V), low voltage(<3.00V) and over current(>8.00A)
    setting interface, the value can be adjusted by quickly double-clicking(+ add) or quickly three-clicking(- reduce).
    9.Restore factory settings: click the button to switch to the off-screen interface, long press
    the button to enter the product background, select reset to restore the factory settings!
    (Note: Please don't calibrate the voltage or current if without standard instruments)

    The engineer once again has several technical upgrades:

    1)This time the green USB male connector is used, and the 1 milliohm low internal resistance sampling resistor is used, and the maximum current of 6.5A can be tested!
    2) USB-C male head replacement cost of copper pin contact plug better, tighter current data more reliable.
    3) increase the screen 180 degrees flip display settings function, to adapt to some chargers using inverted display as a positive display (click to “Screen rotation” interface, and then double-click the key to make it 180 degrees reverse display).
    4) the optimized PD protocol is suitable for Apple's 87W charger, and both the positive and negative side can transmit the ACC pin of the PD protocol.
    5) the OTG protocol of Type-C can open the OTG digital function by inserting a random embedded Android switch head in the upper left corner of Android line.
    6) increase the interface settings such as overvoltage, low voltage, overcurrent, etc., and switch to the corresponding interface at the short button at the front desk, set up by adding double-click or three click setting value.
    7) challenge limit by metal industry upgrade patch manganin sampling device reduces the resistance to <1mR, access after use almost does not affect the charging speed, the perfect support for HUAWEI 4.5A super fast charging current, like a data line, the more coarse the more shorter the better, faster charging
    8) the built-in PD protocol can open the Type-C interface with the PD protocol's intelligent charger unloaded power output display, so as to facilitate aging and testing. (this function can be successfully opened by inserting the random Android OTG adapter head in the upper left corner of the cross U table with the Micro USB line input port).
    9) the PD protocol quick charging mode measurement that supports the updated apple X mobile phone. (support iphone 8 / 8P / apple X / MacBook quick charging, 29W power, 5V3A / 9V3A / 12V2.5A / 15V2A)
    10) optimize the number of transmission functions, such as power failure memory, USB data transmission, PD fast charge protocol and so on
    11) Fast charge recognition covers almost all fast charge protocols, QC2.0/QC3.0/including Huawei FCP/SCP APPLE2.4A/2.1A/1A/0.5A, Android DCP/SAMSUNG AFC satisfies Huawei and various brand mobile phone users